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The Jungles of West 28th Street


Flower From Caribbean Cuts - One of my favorite Flower shop 

Flower From Caribbean Cuts - One of my favorite Flower shop 

At 5:30 am, street of 28th is getting busy. New York City's flower district covers just a little over a block between 7th Avenue and Avenue of the Americas.

A walk through the district immediately immerses you in the smell of fresh greenery and floral fragrances emanating from the hundreds of plants lining the sidewalk. I would not mind if it is my commute to work every morning!


Just by walking around a flower market gives me color inspiration for the next project. Recently I am more attracted to less saturated hue. 


Look at these flowers, it was totally worth buying fresh flowers at the market. 


The shops opens for wholesale at 5am and 8am for general public. 


If you are looking for more exotic florals, I recommend 'Caribbean Cuts" on 28th street. They have their own farms in the Caribbean where they grow their own products. Also they can ship direct to your door off their farms saving you two to three days freshness.


Also there is a coffee shop called 'ALT' ; a little taste. I like their Parisian style decor. A Little Taste cafés offers delicious daily delivered local pastries, freshly roasted coffee and invites the customer to encounter “a little taste” of Europe. It will be your best friend in early in the morning after the flower searching. 

Photo Credit: ALT website

Photo Credit: ALT website

Mina Bevan