Online Interior Design

Conceptualized exclusively via online communication, our online interior design service is a thoughtful and modern approach. This service starts with your input. For all of the details, head to our FAQs.

Our online design package includes:

· Room Layout
· Key Elevation
· Paint Plan
· Visual Board with Inspiration Images
· Visual Board with Furnishing and Paint Selections
· Room Overview with Suggestions
· Shopping List
· One Revision or Reselection


Email and online communication exclusively. Any additional requests for meetings or phone calls will be billed at our rate of $185 per hour.


You’ll have a chance to indicate your furnishing budget, which will inform our design selections.

Fee Calculator

To calculate the square footage of your space, measure the length and width of your room to the nearest foot, then enter those numbers below. If you have a more complicated room layout, please reference our measuring guide for assistance.

The length multiplied by the width equals the square footage of your room.

The square feet are multiplied by our flat fee rate of $9 per square foot. The minimum flat fee per space is $950. If that number equals less than $950, then $950 is the fee.